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Feature Products
Our Feature Products are our Special products. We use quality material to produce these products for our customer to attaract for quality.

Safety Gloves | Mechanic Gloves

Nevtech is a leading manufacturers & exporters of safety glasses, work gloves and protective workwear. We offer finest range of Safety gloves including, Batting Gloves, Mechanic Gloves, Police Gloves, Driver Glove and Welding gloves. Today, Nevtech is uniquely positioned to become your single-source supplier of Gloves and Sportswear. Our Browse our selection of Saftey work gloves and you will find a pair that is a perfect fit for any application

To maximize your performance, we offer Batting gloves for protection and grip when swinging baseball or softball bats. Quality batting gloves are made of thin leather with stretch fabric on the seams. The leather aids in grip control while protecting fingers and palms against blistering while holding the bat. The stretch fabric provides flexibility for clenching in tight fitting gloves. Batting gloves also protect a runner's hands when sliding.

Mechanic gloves are Soft, flexible and made of durable Amara synthetic leather palm. These work gloves meet the rugged demands of professional tradesmen. Perfect for mechanical work and other industrial activities. Keep hands free of grime and protected from potentially harmful chemicals and solvents. These mechanics Gloves offer all-around protection, durability and flexibility for mechanics

Gets best selection Police gloves, shooting gloves, law enforcement police gloves specially designed to protect the hands of law enforcement professionals. Police gloves are the ultimate blend of protection and dexterity. Handle weapons with ease, sensitivity, and speed, and be able to grip in nearly every situation and environment. Black color keeps you camouflaged. Hand fitted design for added comfort and Reinforced web area for better grip.

We also offer exceptional range of Driver Gloves leather driving gloves, mens driving gloves. Cowhide leather driving glove with punched vents on knuckles and tops of fingers, soft and durable, Unlined with adjustable Velcro closure for superb gripe and protections. Enjoy warm hands in the winter with fleece-lined driver’s gloves. Exceptional durability

Welding Glove, leather welding gloves made of premium leather for superb durability. The foam lining adds comfort and extra protection. Turn up the heat with our heat resistant safety gloves, welders’ gloves, protective gloves and tig welding gloves, we carry gloves specifically for the Welding industry. The welding gloves have a layer of flame retardant cushioning or liner and will be strung together with Kevlar threads for best use and comfort in high temperature working conditions.
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Mechanic Gloves
1. Puncture and abrasion resistant Kevlar ? palm
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Mechanic Gloves
1. Soft and durable Cowgrain leather palm
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Mechanic Gloves
1. Soft, durable and superior Goatskin leather palm
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Mechanic Gloves
1. Soft, flexible and durable Amara synthetic leather palm
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Mechanic Gloves
1. Unlined Driver Glove
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